We are an authorised Financial Service Provider FSP 47830 and a COIDA Administration Specialist.

We are an authorised Financial Service Provider FSP 47830 and a COIDA Administration Specialist.

Corporate Funeral Cover

Sena Financial Services makes it possible for Employers to provide risk cover to their Employees. The Employers can join as individual companies, associations or bargaining councils. The policy provides a lump-sum payment to cover costs related to a funeral. For all valid claims the payment will be made within 48 hours after receiving all claim documents.

The policy will be sold to all registered Companies who may want to provide funeral benefits for their employees in The Republic of South Africa. RMA Life will have distribution agreements suitable for each Company.

The policy is designed to cover the employees and their immediate family members only and provides the following benefits:

  • Family Option 1: Main Life Assured only.
  • Family Option 2: Main Life Assured and up to 6 (six) Children.

The Main Life Assured can also choose to insure Parents and Extended Family members in addition to the options above. When adding Parents and Extended Family members, a premium rate per insured life is payable.

Eligible lives: All Assured Lives must be South African citizens and/or permanent South African residents/Employees of the Company with South African Work Permits. They must have a valid South African identity document (currently a green bar-coded identity document or Smart ID card) or a Valid Work Permit, except in the case of minor children, who must have a valid birth certificate (abridged or unabridged).

Number of assured lives: Maximum 8 people per Policy. Each Main Member is covered together with one spouse and up to six children.

  • Main member entry age at age next birthday(anb):
  • Minimum: 18anb
  • Maximum: 65anb
  • Spouse: A spouse is covered from 18anb until 65anb.
  • Children are covered from birth including stillbirths until 21anb
  • Extended family: not covered.

Inception date: The policy starts when the first premium is paid which is the 1st of the month after the contract was signed.

Cover amount: The cover amount varies depending on the selected option. There are two options, R30 000.00 and R50 000.00. Additional cover limits apply to the cover for children at claims stage.

(Refer to the claims payment for details)

Overall cover limit: An Employee is covered for the benefit on the option chosen by the Employer. Policy term: Each Employee is covered until age 65anb.

Waiting period: There is no waiting period on this Policy for Natural causes and accidental death.

There is a waiting period of twelve (12) months for suicide.

Level premiums: The premium will remain the same. However, we reserve the right to review and increase premiums if necessary. Should we review premiums, we will give all clients 30 days’ notice

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