We are an authorised Financial Service Provider FSP 47830 and a COIDA Administration Specialist.

We are an authorised Financial Service Provider FSP 47830 and a COIDA Administration Specialist.

Who we are

Who we are

About Us

Sena was established in 2016 to support the ideas of Social Justice and financial Inclusion. We are focused on Financial Advisory, Intermediary Services and Compensation for Occupational Injuries & Diseases Act (COID), We offer indepth of expertise for injury on duty claims and offer comprehensive and holistic insurance solutions that will address your financial needs. Sena is a licensed Financial Advisory and Intermediary Service Provider (FSP License number 47830)

Work and Employment is an enhancer of life

In the realm of work and employment, we understand their pivotal role in shaping lives. Our mission is to ensure holistic care for employees, both during and after their tenure, by optimizing insurance and social security benefits.

Our Values

At the heart of our organization lies a set of deeply ingrained values that shape our culture, drive our decisions, and define our interactions. Gain insight into the beliefs and ideals that inspire us to strive for excellence, uphold integrity, and foster collaboration.

Ernest Hadzi

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ernest is a Senior Secondary Mathematics and Physical Science Teacher by profession but decided to join the Insurance Industry in 1996. He worked his way up from Data Capturing to Executive level at Rand Mutual Assurance. He was appointed by the Minister of Labour to serve on the Compensation Fund Board and its Committees.

He also represented RMA at the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa(ASISA). He was the Chairperson of RMA Technical Committee and represented RMA as its Strategic Key Individual at the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).Ernest has completed numerous Insurance and Management studies including the Global Executive Development Programme and Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Ernest was born in Soweto but raised in the rural areas of Limpopo by his Grandmother. He started his schooling career learning under the tree and also experienced most of the hardship that many previously disadvantaged kids went through. It was through this hardship that Ernest learnt to be mentally strong, resilient and resourceful. This experience taught him to persevere and keep faith, he has learnt that most amazing things in life happen right at the moment when one is about to give up hope. Ernest’s dream has always been to overcome the challenges that he faced in his life so that he can help others overcome theirs. He is passionate about seeking justice for all especially the marginalized.

Why Sena?

Ernest belongs to the Lemba tribe in South Africa whose origin was traced to Yemen where they built an ancient city called Sena.

Sena has been named against this background as a way to preserve this important history. Our ancestors suffered a lot of hardship while in Yemen and the journey from Yemen to South Africa over so many centuries is quite remarkable.

Their survival was to a large extent dependent on their ability to build relationships. There is a similarity between what our ancestors went through whilst in Yemen and what most South Africans are going through, hence we believe that Sena is the most suitable name for this entity which we will be using to transform communities.

Our Identity & Reason For Existence


The three shades of blue represent rivers coming together synergistically, demonstrating nature of partnerships we form with our clients and strategic partners.


Represents the marginalised and underprivileged groups of our society: a symbol of hopelessness in communities. Our promise is to contribute to their financial well being and sustainability.


Represents prosperity and wealth: demonstrating our core vision of economic empowerment and wealth creation in communities where we operate.

Sena's Strategic Intent

We invite you to delve into our overarching goals, key focus areas, and the strategies we employ to achieve sustainable growth and meaningful impact.

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