We are an authorised Financial Service Provider FSP 47830 and a COIDA Administration Specialist.

We are an authorised Financial Service Provider FSP 47830 and a COIDA Administration Specialist.

Medical Voucher

Get Well Soon is a digital voucher service for minor ailments which utilises pharmacy-based healthcare professionals to provide a quick and accessible treatment option for the management of many minor health conditions. The Get Well Soon product is delivered through an innovative vouchering system which can be redeemed by members at one of our network pharmacies.

The service is based on the Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG) and the Essential Medicine List (EML), which ties the ailment to an evidence-based medicine choice.

During the cold and flu season, members have access to:

  • Cold and flu medicines for symptomatic relief.
  • Flu Vaccination Service (preventative measure).
  • Vitamin Kit (immunity support).

Options available

The Policy Owner can choose from the following options in terms of the insured lives they would like to cover (where premiums will be quoted at a Family Option level):

  • Family Option 1: Main Life Assured only.
  • Family Option 2: Main Life Assured and Spouse.
  • Family Option 3: Main Life Assured and up to 6 (six) Children.
  • Family Option 4: Main Life Assured, Spouse, and up to 6 (six) Children.

The Main Life Assured can also choose to insure Parents and Extended Family members  in addition to the options above. When adding Parents and Extended Family members, a premium rate per insured life is payable.

The policy also allows an option to add a Body Repatriation Value Added Service (VAS) benefit for an additional premium. If this benefit is added to the policy, it will apply to all insured lives covered on the policy.

Members can also make use of the service for routine checks for:

  • Blood pressure.
  • Glucose.
  • Cholesterol.
  • Smoking status.
  • Weight.

The service is supported at over 200 pharmacies and clinics nationwide.

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